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Carol Kendall-Richardson   



Creative ~ Professional Writer and Career Advisory

Authorised Marriage and Funeral Celebrant


Ability to travel

Office is Located in Lake Macquarie New South Wales


Mobile  :   0403 587 321

Email    :   carol@ceekay4resumes.com.au

Introducing CeeKay4Resumes


Why a Professional Resume?

It is absolutely essential that your Resume is presented in a professional document that highlights a series of accomplishments and, at the same time, captures your key strengths and attributes in order to impress your “Employer of Choice”. 


You only get ONE chance to impress your prospective new employer!  The competition is serious out there… Show your “Boss of the Future” that you mean business.

As the Owner of CeeKay4Resumes, it is my pleasure to offer a unique and Professional Service which includes:

|   Professionally Designed Resumes - designed to attract interest and an interview

|   Professional Cover Letters - designed to attract interest and an interview

|   Target Question responses
|   LinkedIn Profile Assistance

|   Interview Mentoring and “what happens next”

My passion is creating highly professional documents that will give you the “edge” when you’re up against 100’s of applicants ~ Individually stylised, tailored and “Impressive!”


A Little Bit About Me


My eclectic career-to-date has evolved over a period of 35+ years. ... Each year has been exposed to a wide variety of industries from Customer Service, Hospitality, Creative Arts, Commercial and Domestic Interior Design, and Human Resources through to Personal and Business Development and Holistic Modalities.

All facets of my career have been a very important part toward developing my understanding of the needs and requirements of each employer and also the dreams and aspirations of my fellow colleagues.

As a result of this evolution has created a platform that is focused on "making a difference"​ and I find myself on a Journey that is not only rewarding and holistically centered, but also creatively challenging... It's very similar to that delicious "Life-filled Box of Chocolates"...... you never know what you'll get  !!!

As a Career Advisory my services are not only focused on the application preparation it also encompasses a holistic approach to the natural fusion between your Work and Lifestyle Balance.

Success in your Life requires BALANCE and HARMONY
Success in your Career provides the solid foundation to achieve this
Success in your Personal Lifestyle is the Natural Fusion

My passion is creating professional and individualised documents
My commitment is to guide my client through the entire process, with confidence
My personal guarantee is that my services will provide applications and documents that are created with the passion, originality and commitment that you truly deserve.

Specialties include, but not limited to:

|   Career Guidance - Meet for a Coffee to discuss

|   Optimising your current documents and presenting a 1st class image
|   Finding the pathway to a fulfilling Career and a well balanced Lifestyle 


Please accept my invitation to call OR Fill in your details below and I will contact you shortly.

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